November 5, 2019

Dear God

Dear God,

After everything we've been trough, and with all crazyness going around... you have been so kind to us 4.

Thank you so much.

Family, has been the most crazy (and important) adventure of my life.

It has been my biggest, and most important construction 

Truly difficult, (people should say it more, because it is really a way where you have hard moments, difficulties, different opinions, different points of view, different minds, different wishes, and so...) but totally worth it when there’s will, love, kindness and always: forgiveness

It’s a path where there is no place to wait for luck to build every single day a bit more.

Where you pick up what you sow.

It’s a place we’re, clearly it takes two to tango

There's people, for many different reasons that have lost, in a way or another, their families, or marriages. So today, I want to ask you for them. I want to raise up my heart to the sky for them. I want to share love with them. I want them to feel they are no worst, on the contrary.

I want to tell you God, that I could never imagine that this way was going to be like this. I grew up more in my last 4 years than in all my lifetime, that's crazy and awesome at the same time.

I have quite big responsibilities, so I ask you dear God, give me the strength.

Please bless all Mothers and Fathers, may all of us be good to our children, and please give us the capacity to accomplish all you ask us in this such big and complex world of parenthood.

Thank you God, for being so kind and warm to us.

You never, ever, let us down.

Love to all, yours,